AI Development Service


Prometech Artificial Development Service

Project service (your subscription will be terminated after the project is finished)

We can realize your projects on topics such as artificial neural networks and deep learning using Python/MatLab. We can create a network in the architecture you want and perform data analysis.

Object, object, shape detection in videos or pictures and special movements of artificial intelligence for this situation.

Creating smart objects using ROS and increasing efficiency in your factory or company.

Direct or indirect assistance to R&D activities using artificial intelligence.

Specific fields of study:
– GUI design (PyQt5)
– Web scraping (Requests + Bs4, Scrapy)
– Web automation (Selenium)
– Data science (Numpy, Pandas, matplotlib, Nltk, gensim)
– Audio processing (pyaudio, MFCC)
– Machine and Deep learning (Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, sklearn)
– Image processing (Opencv, Pillow, ffmpeg)
– Database (Sqlite, MySql, MongoDB)
– Natural language generation, natural language processing and image processing
– Face recognition, image classification, image generation, wake word detection
– Tensorflow, NLP, CNN, Time series analysis, Scikit-Learn, Reinforcement learning, LSTM, KNN, Naive bayes and regression types etc.

The completion time of your project is a minimum of 21 days

6.999,99  VAT / month

Machine and Deep learning, Image processing, Natural language generation, natural language processing etc.