Payment, Delivery Policy

With your credit or debit cards on our site

You can take advantage of our facilities with a single online payment to any of your credit cards. In your online payments, the amount will be withdrawn from your card at the end of your order. In order cancellations due to possible order cancellation or project problems, a refund will be made to your credit card within 3 working days.

Order Price Refund

In case of cancellation of your orders for possible reasons; Prometech Limited Company will refund the product price to your account and/or credit card within three working days. However, you must report your bank account information and/or credit card information accurately and completely to the company officials.


We strive to deliver the products you have ordered as soon as possible. For products that take time to supply, the sharing period is 7-360 working days. You will be informed in case of possible delayed delivery.

In order for the product to be delivered without interruption, please let us know the characteristics of your project in full.

You can talk to our customer representative about the delivery terms.

Payment Tracking

If the system in question cannot perform the transaction due to any problem, our visitor is informed of this situation as a result of the payment page.

In case of any error at the specified address, a connection is made with the orderer regarding the order that cannot be delivered.

The validity of the e-mail address specified by our visitor is confirmed by the automatic e-mail sent after the order is transferred.

We have a responsibility to the bank, where we use the credit card system, as well as the customer, for the realization of the delivery.