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Determining the Target Audience
Keyword analysis: According to the sector, the appropriate keyword analysis is made by focusing on the words with high search volume suitable for the target audience. Site contents are optimized and URL structures are updated in line with the determined keywords.

Competitor analysis: By examining your competitors in the sector, growth in your organic traffic within a certain period, positive reflection of organic traffic on turnover and visibility in search results with the right keywords are targeted.

Sectoral Analysis: In line with the competitor analysis, the competition rate of the sector is analyzed and targets are determined accordingly.

User Acquisition
Content optimization: Visitor-friendly content suitable for your target audience and containing high-volume keywords can be defined as SEO-friendly content. Website contents are organized in this way.

Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatible websites rank higher than non-mobile compatible websites. Accordingly, websites are arranged to be mobile compatible.

User experience: In-site interaction controls are provided based on user experience.

Measuring Behavior
Regular checks: It is possible that the arrangements made may be broken by a software problem or an update. Therefore, the project is constantly checked at regular intervals.

Data controls: While data such as landing pages, most visited pages, organic traffic growth, new user growth rates are analyzed for periods such as monthly and yearly; It is also examined monthly or seasonally comparatively.

User analysis: User behavior within the site gives clues about optimizations. Therefore, optimizations are made in line with user analysis.

How is organic traffic reflected in sales?

Easy integration with other marketing activities increases efficiency and conversion.
Ranking at the top of the search results allows more customers to know and trust the brand and the growth of the brand.
It is aimed to increase the conversion by highlighting the products that the user mainly focuses on.

Full control is made for development and changes in 3 months.

99,99  VAT / month

Determining the Target Audience, User Acquisition, Measuring Behavior, Transformation