Security Tests (Penetration Testing)


Penetration Testing for Everything Digital System

External Network Security Tests


. Determining the DNS Server
. Zone Transfer Tests
. Reading records with DNS Bruteforce
. DNS Subdomain Detection
. DNS Cache poisoning tests

Detection of Institutional IP Blocks

Detection of Institution Whois Information

D. Email Tests

. Email Header Analysis
. Fake Email Access tests
. E-Mail Server Vulnerability tests
. Email account password tests
. Email Server Malware tests
. SMTP Relay Tests
. Blacklist Controls

E. Mapping of Open Systems to the Internet

. Identifying services open to the Internet
. Tests for Weaknesses of Services
. Password tests to services
. Tests for the weaknesses of services

Detection of the Employees of the Institution

G. Corporate Website Information Gathering

. Email Header Analysis
. Fake Email Access tests
. E-Mail Server Vulnerability tests
. Email account password tests
. Email Server Malware tests

Physical Security Tests

. Server room
. Working places
. Network infrastructure

Social Engineering Tests

. Computer based social engineering tests
. Human-based social engineering tests
. Application of phishing methods and detailed reporting

I. Wireless Network Penetration Tests

. SSID Detection
. Detecting Encryption Types
. Detecting clients connected to the Wireless Network
. Wireless Network Listening tests
. Password tests against WEP Encryption
. Password tests against WPA & WPA2 Encryption
. Password tests against WPA Enterprise Encryption
. Password tests against 802.1x Encryption
. WPS Service tests
. Fake Access point tests
. Wireless Distortion tests
. Password security tests with corporate services

J. Tests of Open Systems Against DOS Attacks

. SYN Attack
. ICMP DOS Attack
. DNS Dos Attack
. UDP Dos Attack
. Smurf Attack
. DNS Elevated Attacks
. Web Application Load Tests

K. Web Software Tests

. Data entry controls
. Output controls
. Performing authentication tests
. Session management and authorization tests
. Cross-site scripting (XSS) tests
. SQL injection tests
. Command injection tests
. Performing error management tests
. CSRF Tests
. WAF Detection
. WAF Jump tests



Internal Network Security Tests

Detecting the Systems in the Network

. Network mapping.
. Identifying operating systems in the network.
. The roles of the detected systems and devices.
. Detection of open ports on active systems.
. Detection of services running on open ports found.

Vulnerability Scan

. Testing the detected services and systems against weaknesses
. Unauthorized access to the system using the detected weaknesses

C. Testing IDS, IPS, Firewall, Content Filtering & Similar Security Applications.

. Detection of authorized network traffic
. Filtering bypass tests
. Controls of guest access policies

D. Control of Internet Access Security Within Institutional Security Policies.

E. Control of Anti Virus & Anti Spam Software

F. Network Listening & Password Security Tests

. Harp Poisoning tests
. Network Protocol usage analysis
. Separating important data from network traffic
. Session stealing tests

Password Policy Controls

Screen Crash Policy Controls

End User Tests

. Power Up Tests
. Usb and CD Usage Policy
. Boot controls
. Filtering bypass tests
. Usage areas password detection

I. File Access & Controls

. Unauthorized access controls

J. Database Server Tests

. Database access password attempts
. Unauthorized access tests
. Myssql
. Mssql
. Oracle
. Sybase
. IBM Db2

In addition, the following checks are made:

DDOS, TCP SYN flood attack, Teardrop, Smurf, Ping of death, Botnets, MitM, Session hijacking, Ip Spoofing, Replay, Phishing and spear phishing, Drive-by, Password, SQL injection , Cross-site scripting(XSS), Eavesdropping, Malware attack, File infectors, System or boot-record infectors, Polymorphic, Trojans, Logic bombs, Droppers

The completion time of your tests is a minimum of 7 days

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DNS, Email Tests, Database Server Tests, File Access & Controls, Password Policy Controls ,Screen Crash Policy Controls, End User Tests, Control of Internet Access Security Within Institutional Security Policies, Control of Anti Virus & Anti Spam Software, Network Listening & Password Security Tests, Internal Network Security Tests, Web Software Tests etc.