Social Media Professional Advertising


Social Media Advertising for Professionals

  • Twelve Instagram Image Post
  • Twelve Instagram¬† Image Story
  • Two Instagram Video Post
  • Two Instagram Video Story
  • Twelve Facebook Image Post
  • Twelve Facebook¬† Image Story
  • Two Youtube Video AD

You can also prefer other platforms instead of instagram, youtube and facebook ads.

Post production and authoring is not included in the service. (Only work with stock content for post production.)

Revision right for design 3
Advertising videos are made for a maximum of 45 seconds.

Other services we can provide:
Influcer Agreement
Identifying Customer Attributes and Behaviors in Digital Marketing
All your social media accounts are an automation program
Marketing the necessary content in the accounts according to time, customer type and location.
Digital Marketing Strategies
Necessary work for your customers to discover and follow your social media and to be interested (like, comment) on your social media account
Email Marketing
Design control of social media accounts and web site and control of information, making necessary corrections

The completion time of your designs is a minimum of 5 days

2.299,99  VAT / month

Determining the Target Audience, User Acquisition, Measuring Behavior, Transformation