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You can inform us about the problems that occur in your project during your purchases.

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You can contact us to get price information about your project and you can choose us for your project.

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Contact us directly at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find general information about our services here.

For projects other than Rein, ValeriaTV, WordPress and the small business package, we recommend that you do not purchase without consulting us.

We may make paid or free improvements and changes to all our services except Rein and ValeriaTV.

We work from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. You can contact us during these days and hours. The working hours and days of the freelance or contracted personnel selected for you are determined by them. There are weekly working hours and a project task plan set for them.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial version for our services other than the Rein service. Because we develop your project for you from the very beginning, right from your purchase.

You can find information about our company and our founder, including identity information, at:
From the moment the project is started, we include you in our own crm program so that you can develop and follow the project. We contact you weekly and monthly for the project.

Our company attaches importance to project quality in its products. We love to work with a customer focus. Engineering discipline and art are everything to us. We do not work result oriented, we work solution oriented.
We conduct research on people's needs and problems. We identify what the problems are. We stage problems and search for solutions.
Planning and Analysis
After we find the problems, we plan the solutions. We create project outline and task drafts. We analyze problems, solutions, risks, costs, your customers. We determine which of the solutions will suit you best. We make and control the final plans on how the product will be developed.
We start to develop your projects and produce for you. In this process, your project is kept under constant control.
We review the usability, reliability and design of your project. We have your project tested in small and large groups. After the tests, we analyze again.
Marketing and Evaluation
After the tests are successful, we help you with marketing and advertising. You can do it yourself if you want. Whenever there is a problem or you want a new feature, we will start the research for your project.

With the support of our company, the development of the understanding of quality in the organization, the increase of profit, productivity and market share, an effective management, the reduction of costs, the satisfaction of the employees, the improvement in internal communication, the wide monitoring and control of all activities, the decrease in returns, the decrease in customer complaints, the increase in satisfaction, National and international supports its applicability. By implementing our security enhancements, you can protect your reputation, prevent damage and save money, align with customer and market requirements, and reduce your risks.

Your programs created with the right hardware and algorithms selected for your projects will increase the satisfaction of your customers. In addition, our company will ensure that your project is more efficient and more economical. We implement codes in accordance with data structure, strict principles and Software design patterns. We develop in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. With the secure codes and security systems created for your projects, your project will suffer minimal damage. The abuse rate in your project is minimized and data theft and code theft of your project is prevented. We develop in accordance with ISO 27001 standards.
Software design patterns during software design to solve common, similar problems developed and proven overall solution We use your suggestions. SOLID software principles; flexible, reusable, code that makes it maintainable and understandable set of propounded principles that prevent recurrence we adopt.

UI means user interface and users can feel comfortable on the site. It is more comfortable to navigate and stay on the site for a longer period of time. experience-oriented improvements are aimed. UX stands for user experience and users have a good site. intended to have experience. ID, What is the function of a product, how does a person use it decide how it behaves and how it is presented for human understanding interaction is design. We pay attention to these 3 basic design principles in your applications. We draw out the storyboard about the design of the project, then we make the normal design. The change of design changes according to the ease or difficulty of the user experience.

Except for the 3rd services we have determined, we use the services, codes or designs you want if they comply with the engineering standards. We benefit from reliable, useful, performance, well-designed 3rd party services.

Except for the project services, we use the servers that we determine ourselves in all our services. The servers we usually specify are Hostinger, DigitalOcean, AWS etc. are service providers. We do all the installation, editing and improvements. We can make arrangements on servers you rent or purchase in project services.

If you wish to return the Services, we will not refund the full amount unless you notify us within 3 business days at the latest. After 3 days we can refund half of the project total cost. Because our employees receive salaries and we invest in the necessary infrastructures.

In the works related to your project, we will make infrastructure changes and, if necessary, restructuring. In general, such situations occur very rarely and are caused by incorrect information you have given us. Therefore, it is important that you follow the work in the crm system and give us feedback after purchases. The cost and power of the project vary according to the information you provide correctly.

After your project is complete, we run the tests and usually prepare the marketing plan. We provide free support in case of any errors after your project is completed. We charge extra for improvements and changes.

We provide full support until your project is completed. You usually do not need additional support when your project is complete. After the project is completed, we provide the necessary additional support. We are not responsible for any additional support you request or approve from another company.

The most important factor in determining the price of your project is the size of the project and the workload for the project. Our experts work on the smallest details of your project from start to finish. In this case, we do not want any problem in your project. We do our best to leave our customers with a smiling face.

In non-project services, we do our business entirely for single purchasing services. In this case, you will not need other companies in long-term situations, including our company. You are creating a very profitable business in the long run. We make minor updates, security checks, performance checks, error checks, marketability checks and necessary corrections in our monthly services. When you end your monthly services, we cancel your project. We delete your project after a while.

You can contact us for any questions you may have about us. Our support is ready to assist you before and after the purchase.

You can contact us by being included in our ticket system. Our email address is [email protected]. We can chat online via Skype. You can also contact via social media, but we do not provide much feedback for support there.

We can help you if you pay for an extra service related to your project. We can carry out the necessary planning, editing and development activities.

After you and other companies have registered in our system and made the purchase, we can help you make the necessary examinations and corrections.

We reply to the answers about the aids as soon as possible. Our help team is always open during working hours on weekdays. We take care not to keep our customers waiting for emergency assistance.